Sunday, February 24, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Emily and Dan are MFEO

For those of you who are not Sleepless in Seattle fans (#1 what is wrong with you, #2 go rent it this very minute) it stands for Made For Each Other. Here is goes.

10 They love to travel.

9 They've gone to a single Travis concert and somehow managed to meet the band.

8 They don't like TV. I don't get it (we'll talk later guys, I need to hook you on a few shows).

7 They speak Spanish incredibly well. And say things like El burro sabe mas que tu - oh no, wait that's me (translation: The donkey knows more than you do).

6 They went to the best mission in the world (not California -don't tell my mission president) Argentina! Ole!

5 They seem to really like each other and it isn't wearing off. Emily has lots of cheesy stories -trust me. Ask Dan about the Cold Hands Warm Heart story. Seriously.

4 They both enjoy the element of surprise. And just come home with Emily wearing a ring. Until Marla says WHAT THE CRAP IS ON YOUR FINGER? EMILY ARE YOU ENGAGED? And then they just smile.

3 They are both super churchy and righteous and would never go to Taco Bell on Sunday.

2 Dan eats Emily's cooking and says it's good (Em - I'm just saying. Remember the episode of lemon chicken on Everybody Loves Raymond?).

1 They think this list is SO darn cool that they don't expect a wedding present! (just kidding - it will be a good present - think movies... with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks)


  1. Marla - You are still hilarious. I didn't know you have a blog - Mel had it listed on her page and now, I'll list it on my page. It was really fun to look at your sister's mission pictures (she is so grown up and not the little girl I remember) and I agree that the muppets are the best - We just ordered some of them from Netflix. How was Hawaii - or have you gone yet. Take care and lots of love - Cynthia P.S. How are your parents?

  2. That's a great list. I mean it's not easy to do justice to such a cheesy kind of love! Only 68 more days, but really, who's counting?