Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Kisses. Blowing kisses and catching them. My new favorite thing about Chloe and Jacob. They actually catch the kisses.

I love KS95 radio show in the morning called US Senseless Bureau. They call up random businesses and try to get them to answer some really stupid questions. Most of the time, the people hang up on this poor guy. Some of my favorites: When you put Pam in a frying pan, does she scream? What do chickens think WE taste like? Are your day to day conversations being cut short due to the writer's strike? http://www.ks95.com/morning.shtml Go to Personalities - Greg and Melissa. Scroll down to Greg's Senseless Bureau.

I love the free itunes song of the week. It's nice. Hometown Glory is now in my ipod thanks to apple. Disclaimer: Sometimes the free song can be kind of freaky.

I love when people leave useful information on my cell phone. Like why they are calling, and what I need to do, in a really suscint and quick message. And it's especially nice when they leave me a number that they slow down and say 'doo doo doooooo go get a pencil' so I can find something to write with and get the number before listening to the message 5 times.

Listening to a radio commerical during Valentine's day. Nothing says 'I love you' like a Botox package. Seriously. How twisted are we getting here people?

My co-workers are really interesting people. There's the guy who runs everywhere. I haven't asked him if he's late... though maybe he just likes to run. The co-worker WHO POUNDS ON HIS FREAKING KEYBOARD ALL DAY LONG. Everyone seems to know about this habit except him. Sometimes my cubemate and I make fun of him and TYPE REALLY LOUD on our keyboards too. Except we aren't really typing, just banging. And what about the guy who keeps a tupperware container FULL of peanut M&Ms. Does he eat them? Does he just fill up the container on a regular basis when I'm not looking? Or is there self-control involved? Oh yeah and there's the guy who laughs like a donkey. That kind of laughter is more contagious than annoying. And I can't forget to mention the guy who sneezes SO loud you can hear him from all the way down the hall. Man - I thought my dad sneezed the loudest.

Anne Taintor. Anything with her stuff in it is hilarious. Her postcards are my new favorite.

The songs on the radio in the a.m. Today it was "Staying Alive" which has brought new meaning into my life when the wind chill is -27.

And lastly - a little shout out to Dan and Emily. I'm still working on the Top 10 reasons Dan and Emily are MFEO (Made for Each Other). Stay tuned.


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  2. Ha, I just audibly laughed (while in class) upon reading about your coworker who POUNDS ON THE KEYBOARD. The choice of all caps really added a special touch to your blog entry. You actually are pretty funny. Who knew? :)