Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie & TV Reviews


Across the Universe. The opening number was compelling until I got really uncomfortable because he stares straight into the camera without blinking for a very long period of time. I admit it – I shielded my eyes. Other than that - what was the acid trip they had going on? The music was classic (Beatles) but my gosh I'm glad I'm not a pot-smoking Hippie. Depressing.

Becoming Jane. Snoozefest. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for Austen. Sometimes those movies require too much concentration with all their prim and proper lingo and distracting names like Willoughby.

No Reservations. Not only was the romance lacking a spark to light a fire to cook any sort of dish, the food didn't even look that great. For more exciting entertainment get cable and watch Top Chef.

The Jane Austen Book Club. Captivating. Probably because of Hugh Dancy, my newest crush, who lit up the screen with his scruffy young & sincere charm. And the fact that he liked an older woman – loved it. I can't wholeheartedly recommend this movie without fast-forwarding certain scenes that made me want to puke. But OH! The thing going on with Grigg and Jocelyn –there was just something so sweet about it. He somehow was able to look past her bitterness and over her huge freaking wall (can’t relate to that in the least) and she was somehow able to look past his crazy schemes and bike shorts. True love!!

Favorite quotes:

“Jane Austen is a freaking land mine!” – Jocelyn, in the club discussing all the Austen characters drama.

Grigg Harris: Isn't physical attraction one of the ungovernable forces? You know like gravity, that's what we like about it. Down hill, release the brakes and then whoosh!

Jocelyn: You know what I'm wondering before I go? How do you feel about older women? Grigg Harris: Ah, great. I have three older sisters, so I like all women.

Jocelyn: If we stay in this lane, we're going to be late. Grigg Harris: Given that I have to convert donut grease into biofuel every time I fill up the tank, I try not to drive very fast. Jocelyn: We're barely moving... Why are you getting off here? Grigg Harris: I enjoy seeing the river. Jocelyn: What are you, Mark Twain? Now we're gonna get stuck at every light.

“And he squashed her.” – Jocelyn, going off about how women get the bad end of the deal referring to when Willoughby picked the rich lady over his true love.
“She picked the wrong guy.” - Grigg

American Idol. That kid David, the 17 year old, is awesome! The John Lennon song was fabulous. I think it's because he is so honest and pure and people love to see wholesome goodness - which is definitely not something you see very often in Hollywood. And oh my gosh – he’s Mormon! Which explains the glow! Go David!,5143,695254151,00.html

Lost. This is the kind of show that totally disturbs me to my very core, yet I have to watch it anyway. It keeps me up at night -- wondering. My co-worker explained what your speech pattern is like during an episode – “Oh my gosh! No way! Wow…” In no particular order and is usually repeated several times. I keep trying to figure it out and then I realize, they aren’t real people and it’s not a real place. Disappointing is hardly the word to describe it but I’m undeniably hooked.

Bones. The show was really great last season. I loved the thing going on between Angela and Hodgins. And then this season just got really weird. I’m hoping for the best but I’m not holding my breath.

Big Brother. Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it. The entire show is a travesty but I confess that I flip past the channel and pause for only short moments of time. So really, it doesn't count. Wow those people are freaks!

The Bachelor. Ok I realize it’s all going downhill from here and I’m losing credibility at a rapid pace but seriously people – tv shows these days are all about the BLOG. Jenny, Karen, Cheryl, Lucinda, Tracy and I have had many laughs over the eccentricities of this show. We have gathered on Karen’s big giant comfy bed and just cackled for an hour straight. All in good fun. Here’s the blog that is my favorite – this girl is hysterical. Her line - "it's all about the shame".

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