Monday, February 11, 2008

Lord of something.... I just don't know what...

Can I just say that if I would’ve seen this picture before going to the performance that I would’ve missed out on a whole lotta tacky…. A WHOLE lotta tacky.

Jenny and I decided that we should attend the performance at the Orpheum called Lord of the Dance. Evidently it is supposed to be an offshoot of Riverdance, written by Michael Flatley. After viewing the "performance" I might say that it would be both an insult and a travesty to compare the two in the same sentence.

However, saving grace, the 65 dollar price of admission was almost worth it due to the giggling and making fun of the people who attended this.

A few highlights:

The women ahead of us with feathered hair and tight jeans, straight out of the bar (or the 70’s, it’s a toss up).

The 95 year old emaciated woman on the left of us clapping until her head almost fell off. Cardiac arrest would be so tragic at something so bad.

The strange flute solos. The breaking of the flute. And the audience almost giving a standing ovation for the flute being magically repaired. (Insert Jim Halpert face here)

The man a few rows ahead of dressed in some type of outside work jacket and a bright fluorescent green ball cap sporting the name ‘Artic Cat’.

The 80’s freak-out ultra bright yellow pink and green costume zone during the second hour of the show. WHAT was that? Michael Flatley - what acid trip were you on?

I can’t make this stuff up people.

Lord of the Dance was more than I bargained for. In oh so many ways. What a memorable night. Jenny – you and I are Lord of the Dance friends forever. J

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