Thursday, February 28, 2008

20+ things that make me SMILE

The guy that fixed my favorite boots at Famous Footwear. My feet will be forever grateful.

When Amy Poehler acts like Caitlin, the six year old hyper spaz on SNL.

My co-worker and I chose the word "butthead" as our password to get into our department's vacation calendar.

Veggie burgers from Costco with organic Heinz ketchup.

YAMS with olive oil, cinnamon, and brown sugar baked in the oven.

My guys in DSP – with all their formulas, pensive faces and analytical emails.

A cafeteria at work with options such as vegetarian filled zucchini, mahi mahi (why isn't one mahi enough for that fish?) tacos, and corn doggies (I'm quoting - it really says doggie on the menu).

Instant messenger.

Creamy hot oatmeal with plump raisins.

My cube neighbor who says random things...
"Have you seen the movie Clockwatchers?"
"They should call those meals Stupid Ones instead of Smart Ones"
"I am working on Steve Martin's hearing aids!"

Running the Valentine's day 5k with Jana and Cheryl and then loading up with pink frosted cookies that I shoved in my pocket.

Thumbs up from the little foreign intern with the mustache. Made my day.

Finding a magazine in the office entitled – Finding the Best Wood to Chop with your Chain Saw – with a man with a mustache and a big red and black flannel shirt on the cover.

Maui. Swim suits that don't make me look fat. Sandals. Capris. My fun beach hats!

That our new contractor looks like M. Night Shyamalan.

Smart board presentation – you can draw lines with smileys, rainbows, or daisies. And you can move things around on the board like in Minority Report.

The manager who stops by to tell me random stories about how he took apart his son's water bed or how his son's friend met Ashton Kutcher because they wanted him on Beauty and the Geek.

All things LOST.

Sock monkeys.

The memory of me tying my sister to the bunkbed with kite string when she was sleeping. I still don't know why my mom got so worked up. I would've let her out eventually.

Just the thought of Chloe (age 2) throwing a fit because she didn't want to leave Chuck E. Cheese.

Jacob (age 4) calling me at work and leaving a message for me on Valentine's day.

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  1. Please don't tell me you actually eat the corn doggies at work . . .