Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Russian was Coming (to Minnesota!)

Oleysa came for a visit to Minnesota. She wanted to go cross country skiing. We had a most perfect day! Snow like powder! Sunshine and blue sky. Fresh air and MN trees. She skiied like a Russian Princess.

And me? Well I like to roll in the snow. Or maybe she pushed me? I can't remember...

Then on Christmas Eve we had a fabulous time at the Larson's. What a meal! What great company! What a scriptural feast! Nate played the guitar while we sang hymns. Eric broke out the bongo drums. Dale sharpened his knives. Amy showed me her new lipgloss. We had deep talks about relationships with Jeff "it's like a bandaid - you just rip it off fast".

I taught Oleysa how to RELAX. How in Minnesota, what you do is get in your warm pink fuzzy bathrobe and watch movies all night. And wrap up in warm blankets after you take them out of the dryer. And eat popcorn. And chocolate flourless cake with raspberries on top.

We did lots of other things. Cub foods. She was amazed at the grocery store and all the food. We got manicures in Shakopee and got pretty colors on our nails. We watched Miracle on 34th street. We slept in. We went to Wal-mart. I tell ya, it was a regular par-tay.

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