Thursday, January 31, 2008

Leggo my Eggo

Last night I had an Eggo party. With Chloe (1.5 years) and Jacob (3.5 years). It all began with a very crappy dinner. We're talking I tried to cook vegetables - by frying them in a pan with Pam and then when I realized that wasn't working, I poured water in the pan and tried to boil them. At that point all the vegetables stuck to each other because I had just pulled them out of the freezer. Since that wasn't looking very good, I remembered I had a steamer thingy like my mama has and so I put them in the metal thing with lots of holes on top of the pot of boiling water and tried to steam them. I've officially killed vegetables. I'm a murdered of things with vitamins and minerals. I threw them away. Vitamins and minerals in the garbage.


So now, back to the Eggo. I was babysitting at Reva's house and remembered that she always has food for 3 year olds. Fruit loops, gold fish crackers, drinkable yogurt, mini corn dogs, chicken nuggets (getting hungry yet?) and of course the infamous Eggo waffles.

I grabbed two and popped them in the toaster. Instant gratification - golden brown in 40 seconds (how DO they do it?). And I went downstairs with my Eggos and sat on the couch. Pretty soon two little seagulls came up to me on the couch with smiles on their faces and hungry looks in their eyes. "Bite?!" they screamed! "Bite?!" Oh how they laughed! Smiles of triumph and glee spread across their faces after every magical bite. All because of sweet bread with lots of tiny holes.

I wish I had a picture to show the moment.

It's those things that I'm truly grateful for - the little things in life that make us smile so much that our faces hurt. The simple pleasures.

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  1. Too bad you don't have Jana's vegetable cooking skills. Eggos are so much more delicious anyway. And I miss Jacob and Chloe!!!