Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I simply remember my favorite things...


Dan: Jake the Snake, Jake the Snake.

Emily: I'm going to have a green sash. And pink roses.

Reva: Nice!

Emily: I'm anxiously engaged being engaged.

Jana: Who wants to kick Emily off the island?

Ha ha ha ha.

Marla's new favorite things:

Century 21 (Discount store in NYC - they have "7 jeans". To give you an example of just how cool that is if you haven't ever heard of them - they go for 100+ at Macy's. At this store you can buy them for a bargain price of $39.99. Are you kidding me? Super deal. PLUS I got an awesome NYC purse that's shiny and red. And NYC big.

Old Navy Big Bouncy Ball machine. Bargain price of $0.25 for a swirly ball o' fun.

Russell Stover new marshmallow chocolate covered hearts NOW WITH CARAMEL.

MMMMMmmmm... the first taste of Valentine's day. Never tasted so good before. AND the dark chocolate with almonds dove treasures with the cheesy quotes on the insides. Please. At least the chocolate is worth it.

The Empire State Building at night. Marla gives it a 9 on the romantic meter.

Nice New Yorkers. Surprisingly enough, they seem more nice than Minnesota people.

The guy from The Ultimate Gift. Dumb movie but he's is DARLING.


Hawaii Trip in March. My dear friend Jenny who invited me. :)

A wedding in April. My dear sister Emily! All grown up! Boo-hoo-hoo (you haven't fooled me - you aren't grown up). And Dan. Good guy - fits right into our family. Cute couple if I don't say so myself.

Having a friend who invites me to NYC and lets me stay in all her super fan-cee hotels.

My dad's facial expressions when I've done something so totally stupid. :) Gosh - it makes me want to do more stupid things!

My boss. I love how he talks to his computer mouse when it's misbehaving and says "HEY" like the mouse is trying to pull something over on him.

Cross country skiing. With snow like powder. And sunshine.

Living in Minnesota. BLOOM where you are planted. The ground's good, I feel it.

Friends & Family. The kind of people who make the journey seem un-long.

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  1. You know it was me who said, "Who wants to kick Jana off the island?" Jana would never want to kick me off. I'm her favorite.