Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All in Good Fun

All in Good Fun

Our family likes to tease. Sometimes we take it too far but most of the time it’s all in good fun. Here are a few highlights of what makes me laugh:

Reva: Help me, I’m sick and so are the kids.
Jana: Giggling
Reva: Why are you laughing at my pain?
Jana: Cuz you never would’ve made it in Colorado.

Family vacation, hiking Up North:
Jana: Grumble, complain, grumble
Emily: Who wants to kick Jana off the island?

Marla: Dad I had to pay 20 dollars to the health club and I didn’t even use the membership once!
Dad: Well, you’ve made a lot of mistakes that cost WAY more than 20 dollars before.
Marla: …. Heyyyy!!!!

Emily: (staring at me)
Marla: WHAT?!
Emily: I just don’t know how you do that.
Marla: What are you talking about.
Emily: How do you get that much chocolate in the corners of your mouth?

And my personal favorite as of late:

Jacob, age 3: What in the Holy Ghost are you doing?

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  1. hmmmm... i wonder if dan's jealous - emily is kissing ANOTHER BOY!!!!