Friday, November 9, 2007

New York City - Get A Rope

My birthday has always been a time of TRAVEL. I love to travel on my birthday. It means that instead of dreading getting a year older, I just get really excited like a little kid because it means one word: VACATION!

This year’s trip was to include the following: Running in Central Park, Broadway show, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, a tour of the New York library, a stop at Top of the Rock, trip to Dylan’s candy store, a visit to my favorite deli (Zeyten’s), the Museum of Natural History tour and shopping – lots of it. So, I ask you, what better place than NEW YORK CITY to do all these things?! (and kind of necessary too, since this is the only place where you can find all these things).

This trip exceeded all of my expectations. I stayed with a dear friend named Olesya who stocked her fridge with organic yogurt and cut up strawberries for me, kept her cubboards full of bare naked granola (my new favorite) and showed me how to cut mangos in an awesome way. She lives in Spanish Harlem and attends the Harlem ward. My favorite part of New York was the sounds, listening to a heartbeat of the city that never sleeps. Just going outside was like a museum to me.

Here are a few pictures:

Frozen Hot Chocolate Free! Happy Bday to me, compliments of Olesya
Phantom of the Opera $39.00
Sweatshirt at Dylan’s Candy Bar $24.00
Ticket to New York $164.00
Olesya splashing me in the rowboat
in the middle of Central Park PRICELESS

Emily Coles Kucera

Below is what you get when you google ‘Emily Kucera’. You get her Derby Days 5K race results.

Derby Days Turf 5K
... MN 32:39 10:32 68 12 W15 Tessa Kolan, 15*, Northfield, MN 32:55 10:37 69 19 W30 Marla Kucera, 32*, Shakopee, MN 33:07 10:41 70 15 W20 Emily Kucera, 23*, -

Let me reminiscence for a minute about the beauty of running a race with Emily Kucera.

She doesn’t let you quit. She makes you keep going. She puts up with your whining and crying. She even lets you cheat by taking a shortcut during the race while half the runners are watching (this is ALL hypothetical of course!). And during the race, when you feel you are about to give up, she says things like ‘HEY! WE ARE A TEAM! COME ON! I WON’T LEAVE MY SISTER [I mean hypothetical girl or boy] BEHIND! NOW GET YOUR BUTT MOVING AND LET'S FINISH THIS RACE!’

I’m pretty sure there were some other analogies during the race. She just kept coming up with them. Ok, and the other person she was dragging along was ME. I can admit defeat. I’m a grown-up (not).

The kicker was at the end. Really, it was. I got my second wind and started to run my guts out. And dare I say, Emily was impressed. The funny thing was, I knew it was because she stayed by me. She was rooting for me. My sister! I kept yelling at her – ‘Pass me! For the love of Pete, just pass me!’ but she wouldn't and I think she was even quoting scriptures somewhere in the middle of all of that, being the fine returned missionary that she is.

And look, here are our times:
69 19 W30 Marla Kucera, 32*, Shakopee, MN 33:07 10:41
70 15 W20 Emily Kucera, 23*, Minnetonka, MN 33:07 10:41

I find it interesting that she was 23 and I was 32 at the time. Just a little numbers thing I like to notice.

She had the same time as me, both of us crossing the finish line, Emily - side by side me - slow & extremely pokey who didn’t particularly feel like running that day... because sisters don’t leave sisters behind.

Love you EM!

PS When’s our next race?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How about hibernation people? Who's with me.

Hibernate. The word that comes to mind when Minnesota starts its “snow business”.
1 : to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state
2 : to be or become inactive or dormant

I think I’m ok with either one of these definitions. They both sound lovely. And it sounds like a perfect Minnesota winter activity. And looky here what I found – human hibernation. It could happen!

Human hibernation (from
There are many research projects currently investigating how to achieve "induced hibernation" in humans.[1][2] This ability to hibernate humans would be useful for a number of reasons, such as saving the lives of seriously ill or injured people by temporarily putting them in a state of hibernation until treatment can be given. NASA is also interested in possibly putting astronauts in hibernation when going on very long space journeys, making it possible one day to visit far away stars.

So in conclusion: Hey NASA! When you finally figure this thing out, give me a ring. I want a long, winter nap. Just put me to sleep for the whole darn thing please – knock me out good!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween with the little ones

Can you say darling? Ok - Jacob's face is just a treat. And Chloe - in the back smiling like that reminds me of Reva, just happy to exist. What fun temperments.

Later on, Jake told his mama that he didn't want to be a lion. He wanted to be a SUPERHERO. So she gathered her kids and went to the store. All they could find was a Power Ranger's costume. So that's what they got. See below. I like how the mask makes him have a pig nose.

I loved answering the door last night. Seeing all the kids' costumes. See them smile with delight and grab the candy with flushed cheeks and sparkly eyes. I loved when Jake and Chloe came home, candy in hand, with victorious Halloween conquering smiles. I grinned when Jake came over to me and looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said 'there were lots of other houses but I wanted to go home. Priceless! Long live Halloween in the eyes of a child.